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Expedition Details

Before the adventure starts, the team will meet up in Longyearbyen, Svalbard (Norway). From there we will fly to the floating Borneo Ice Station at 89N, where the real expedition begins. We will then ski the remaining distance, the last degree, to the North Pole. The trek will cover approximately 115 km and will take at least 7 days.
Not only does the team have a large distance to cover on cross country skis, much of it will be over rough icy surfaces with pressure ridges and leads - cracks or rivers that appear in the arctic ice pack. We will be carrying everything required for the expedition in large sledges that we harness to ourselves and pull behind us as we ski. We will ski approximately seven hours a day, and each night (although it is light 24 hours a day) we will set up camp. The nights will be spent in tents on the ice and we'll prepare our meals on a portable stove using freeze dried food packages and melted snow.


April 7 - Assemble in Longyearbyen, Norway
April 10 - Fly to Borneo Ice Station
April 11 - 19 - Ski the last degree to the North Pole
April 20 - Return to Borneo Ice Station by Helicopter and prepare for the long journey home